Rentals We Supply

Single Kayaks

2 HR- $30.00
4 HR- $52.00
8 HR- $104.00

2 HR- $36.00
4 HR- $64.00
8 HR- $112.00

Paddle Boards

2 HR- $20.00
4 HR- $36.00
8 HR- $56.00

Guided trips on weekends!

We do allow you to take our rentals with you Min 4 HRS.

Paddle boards are inflatable and come with an automatic pump. No pumping by hand!

Accessories Available

Go Pro and Go Pro 360

Anchors and Anchor Poles


Riverwalk Rentals

We strive to help you enjoy the water as much as we do. 

The Belville Riverwalk Park

Life Point Church